Installation & Licensing Instructions

Run the Cloudinary CC Connector installer, close Adobe InDesign and other CC applications. Double-click the installer and follow the prompts. 


Once Cloudinary CC Connector is properly installed, launch InDesign CC2017 to see the following dialog:

If you have a license key for Cloudinary CC Connector, click “Yes” to activate now, or click “No” to activate later.

If you have any further questions about Licensing, please visit the following solution article:

Opening Cloudinary CC Connector

From the main InDesign menu, choose Window > Extensions > Cloudinary Creative Cloud Connector  You will be presented with a log in. Just type in your credentials to start using Cloudinary CC Connector.

To Activate or Deactive later, select from the Cloudinary menu at the top of Adobe InDesign:

The Cloudinary Main Menu 

At the top of the Adobe InDesign application, the use can also specify the max size of the cache, which allows connector to manage the cache’s size.   Clear Cache empties the cache.  Trim Cache is only enabled if the user has specified a max cache size.  In that case, Trim Cache will delete items in the cache to get it down to roughly 25% of the max size.  Items are deleted based on when they were last used, with items last used the longest ago being deleted first.  For Box, the cache will just continue to grow in size until the user clears it.

For further information on implementing Trim Cache, please visit the following solution article: