The Connector menu shows up when Silicon Connector for Box has been correctly installed. It gives you a link to the Silicon Publishing website and an option to clear your cache. It is not where you go to open the Silicon Connector for Box extension panel. Use the Window > Extensions > Silicon Connector for Box menu option to view the Silicon Connector for Box extension panel.

If you have run the Silicon Connector for Box installer and aren't seeing a Connector menu item, it could mean there was an issue installing the plug-in. Here are some things to try before contacting Silicon Publishing.

  1. Make sure you used the latest Silicon Connector for Box installer, downloaded from
  2. Make sure you are using Adobe InDesign CC 2015.2 or newer, including CC 2017. You can check your version using the InDesign CC > About InDesign... menu option. 
  3. Quit InDesign (not just close all the documents) and run the installer again. Then launch InDesign and check again.
  4. Remove the /Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2015/Plug-Ins/SiliconConnectorBox folder if it exists and repeat #3 above.