Once you have installed the AEM Connector, launch InDesign. You should see a Connector menu listing at the top of InDesign’s Main Menu bar.

AEM Connector allows Drag and Drop directly from AEM into your InDesign Document:

If you plan on making use of AEM’s ‘Renditions’ feature, be sure to enable that feature from the Links Panel menu, via Panel Options:

Your AEM Renditions will be named with the file’s resolution appended to the end of the file name you are using. If you are using the Original image, the Links Panel will display the ‘Rendition’ as ‘Original’:


To replace a low-resolution rendition with a higher resolution one, select your placed image and drag a higher resolution rendition on top of that image. You can swap any image from AEM using this select and replace method.


Here’s a placed ‘Rendition’:


Here’s how the ‘Rendition’ appears in the Links Panel:


Adobe Experience Manager 6.2

For more information on Deploying and Maintaining AEM: