When you find a bug or are having a reproducible problem, you may need to send a debugging log file to your support contact. To get a log file:

  1. Display the Preferences panel (choose Preferences... from the Connector panel menu).
  2. Turn on the Write to Log File option (at the bottom of the Preferences panel), then close the Preferences panel.
  3. Work through the steps that lead to the problem. Once you’ve done that, turn off Write to Log File and retrieve the log file (e.g. Libris_log.txt) from the Connector files folder (e.g. Libris_connector_files) in your Documents folder.
  4. Return to the Preferences panel and turn off the Write to Log File option.

If/when you need to create a log for another problem, click the Clear Log File button, and repeat the process. 

Do not leave the Write to Log File option turned on. When the option is turned on, the CC extension writes a lot of debugging information to disk, and performance will suffer.