There are some things to consider for Connector users now that CC 2018 has been released.

  1. Connector requires an update to be compatible with CC 2018.
  2. Do not upgrade to CC 2018 until you have the update if you want to use Connector in CC 2018.

Can I use CC 2018 while keeping CC 2017?

If you want to install CC 2018 applications along side CC 2017 applications, you can do so by unchecking the remove old versions option in the Advanced Options when updating. A description of this process from Adobe is found here:

This screenshot shows an example of the dialog:

What if I already upgraded and removed CC 2017 (and want CC 2017)?

If you have already updated to CC 2018 and removed your CC 2017 apps, which is the default option when you upgrade, you can install the CC 2017 version again using the steps outlined below. InDesign is used in the steps as an example.

  1. Start the "Adobe Creative Cloud” application.
  2. On the top menu in the application’s main window (not the menu bar), select “Apps”.
  3. Choose “ALL APPS”, or if you have InDesign CC 2018 installed “INSTALLED APPS” is also OK.
  4. Find InDesign CC in the list.
  5. There is an oval button associated with InDesign CC that will say “Open”, “Update” or “Install”, depending upon whether the InDesign CC is installed and up-to-date.  Select the down arrow on the right side of the button, and select the “Other Versions” menu item.
  6. After selecting “Other Versions”, a dialog will display with all the uninstalled versions of InDesign from CS6 to CC (2017).
  7. Click “Install” next to the CC (2017) version