The search feature in Silicon Connector for Box utilizes the search API and therefore, the same search functionality as the Box website. It produces results that may seem different than expected in some cases. Here's a snippet from the Box support site:

Prefix Matching and Wildcard Search: Trailing wildcards (also known as prefix matching) are implicitly included in search results because of the way text is indexed. Searching for Bo results in items with titles containing Box or Boat or Boxer. It is the equivalent of searching for Bo* or Bo% in traditional search engines. Traditional wildcard notation is not supported by Box, such as %ox%. While we support prefix matching on titles, we do not support prefix matching on body content, suffix matching in the title or body content, or infix (middle of the word) matching in the title or body content. For example, a search on “cal” would match results for a file named “California” but not “decal” or “recall”. It would not match results with file body contents of prefixes, infixes, or suffixes including “California”, “recall”, or “decal”.

This means that a filename search for "phone" will not return a filename that includes "iphone". A search for "mac" however, will return files with "macbook" in their name.

To understand all the in's and out's of Box's search functionality, this page provides details: